This Basic Training Course in Hardware Retailing is a comprehensive training tool to help retail sales associates gain the confidence they need to be successful on the salesfloor.

A Complete Training Package
The Basic Training Course in Hardware Retailing contains everything needed for home improvement retailers to train employees to be better at their jobs, including interactive modules that cover product knowledge, selling skills and merchandising techniques. In addition, the course includes all testing and grading functions to make sure your employees retain this information. As your employees work their way through the course, NRHA provides you with status reports to keep you up to date on how they are progressing.

You Can’t Afford Not to Train
The benefits of this training course are numerous. The knowledge employees obtain from this course will not only make them more productive, it will help start them down the path to a career in home improvement retailing.

• build confidence and employee satisfaction

• increase customer service levels

• increase sales

• increase transaction size

• decrease employee turnover


NRHA’s Basic Training Course in Hardware Retailing